Clemson Roars by the #1 Seeded Alabama

Last night, January 7th, in San Francisco, Clemson and Alabama faced off against each other to fight for the National Championship of College Football. The game started off fast for the underdogs Clemson with an interception for a touchdown by AJ Terell of Bama’s fist drive of the game. Shortly after, all in the first quarter, the two teams traded back and forth ending in a 14-16 Clemson lead due to a missed extra point. In the second quarter, Clemson started to run away with their lead out scoring Bama 17-3 in that quarter, inching them closer to their title. The second half with Alabama still in reach of coming back, only down 31-16. The Clemson offense or defense didn’t let up, Clemsons stellar defensive line stopped the very good Alabama run offense causing them not to score. While Clemson put up 13 points winning then Championship, 44-16! This is the biggest loss that Nick Saban has had in a Championship game or even a normal regular season game, as the head coach of Alabama. Trevor Lawrence had an amazing night, only a freshman, dropping 347 yards with 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. I would not be surprised if we saw these 2 teams back in the playoffs next year.


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